Publicity & Interviews

Matthew Restall's work has been reviewed in journals and newspapers from the New York Times to the American Historical Review. He has also done numerous radio interviews, podcast episodes, newspaper interviews, and consultations.

"In this Very Short Introduction, Restall and Solari explore the themes of Maya identity, city-state political culture, art and architecture, the Maya concept of the cosmos, and the Maya experience of contact with including invasion by outsiders. Despite its brevity, this book is unique for its treatment of all periods of Maya civilization, from its origins to the present."

- Oxford University Press

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In August 2020, Restall participated in a remote informational session for teachers, students, and history buffs about navigating the world of online teaching and learning, and using resources like Restall's When Montezuma Met Cortes and Latin America in Colonial Times (co-authored with Kris Lane). The video is available to watch via Cambridge University Press's "Lockdown Lectures: Q&A with History Authors".

Restall was also recently interviewed by Philadelphia Mag about the history of and debate surrounding Philadelphia's Christopher Columbus statue.

"In When Montezuma Met Cortés, the American historian Matthew Restall examines documents concerning the military conflict that set the Aztecs in opposition to the Spanish empire in 1520...Restall argues that the Spaniard’s account would come to distort our understanding of what was in fact a messy and confusing war, one that involved several armies and leaders from several nations, all in alliances with or opposition to one another for a variety of reasons."

Álvaro Enrigue, The New York Review of Books (also available on Pocket)

"But in 2019 – the 500th anniversary of Cortes’ meeting with Montezuma – ...the Conquest legends and myths Restall deconstructs still live on. Can any modern PR person imagine that in another 500 years one of their campaigns will be seen as equally successful?"

When Montezuma Met Cortes has also been featured in reviews by Rebecca Dufendach's podcast, El País, and Tulsa Public Radio.


"In this daring revisionist critique, Penn State historian Restall describes a far more complex process in which Indians were central participants on both sides of the struggle...Restall's provocative analysis, wide-ranging scholarship and lucid prose make this a stimulating contribution to the debate on one of history's great watersheds."

Publishers Weekly, Review of Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest, 2003